About Free and Fair MI

Ensure Election Integrity in Your Neighborhood

Free and Fair MI is a nonpartisan citizen led initiative interested in ensuring election integrity for all Michiganders, empowered by True the Vote.

True the Vote is a non-profit, all volunteer organization, which has successfully implemented an election integrity program in Harris County, Texas and is taking it around the country. Election integrity is so important that TTV  has set a goal to recruit and train 1,000,000 volunteers across the country.

Free and Fair MI with the assistance and guidance of True the Vote will develop relationships with the administrator of elections at the county and local levels as well as the political parties and participate in any or all of the program’s components which include:

·  Recruit, train, and mobilize election volunteers

·    Research voter rolls

·    Review legislation reform

Free and Fair MI teams are forming in counties across the state. Team Leaders will attend online Team Building training.

Once the leadership team is in place, they will develop relationships with the county and local clerks. They can recruit and train volunteers interested in working the polls and researching the voter rolls.

The training (approximately 2 hr) will be relevant to the state and to the poll positions and adapted to MI laws. Class materials and testing will be available.  It can be done through online webinar or in a class.

Prevent your vote from being canceled.   Sign up at www.truethevote.com

Free and Fair MI can:
Offer training for poll workers and poll challengers.
Help recruit volunteers to assist city and township clerks as needed.
Provide support for legislation which ensures integrity in the election process.

With your help, We Can:
Deter Fraud
Educate Citizens
Provide Consistency across precincts
Encourage Voter Turnout with Confidence in the System

Sign up today to:
Take Training to be a poll challenger/precinct inspector/poll worker
Be part of a county team!


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